Friday, May 20, 2016

S for Switch Voice Pro v2.4.0

“Start Google Now with you voice on the Galaxy Note3, S5″ – No root necessary
Try FREE version to see if it works you before buying PRO

If you liked v1.0 better (no settings or keep in RAM), it is still available below – Do not install both!
Did you know your Galaxy Note 3 could do always listening voice wake-up similar to the highly advertised “Okay, Google Now” Touchless Control on the Moto X?

#1 You have to say “Hi Galaxy” (while the screen is off)

#2 SVoice will try to service you, which is much less capable (to say the lst) than Google Now
While there is no way to fix #1, the more important problem #2 can be solved with my little app. It does a “bait and switch” style intervention whenever S Voice would start, you are redirected to Google Voice Srch
Preparations: (see )

1. install this app S for Switch Voice

2. open it (when asked grant root for quicker switching)

3. click “Configure S Voice” button

4. in S Voice – MENU / Settings

5. enable “Voice wake-up”

6. [optionally enable "Open via the home "]

7. press BACK, BACK to return to S for Switch Voice

8. activate: ON (upper right)

9. check mark

Whenever (and however) you launch S Voice my app will switch to Google Voice Srch:

+ Voice wake up (Say “Hi Galaxy” with screen off)

+ Double tap on the Home (enable “Home ” and adjust sensitivity)
Pro ftures:
Option to hide notifiion icon
Stays enabled at the end of the week The free version has a reminder built in, it needs to be re-enabled once every week
Time/battery announce mode: Instd of starting Google Voice Srch, you can have the phone announce the time and/or battery level, when you wake it up by saying “Hi Galaxy”. This can be convenient when abroad, since without data connection neither S Voice nor Google Voice srch could do anything. Select Offline announce mode in Settings, or have it auto enable while offline. Choose what to announce: time and/or battery. I used this mode while skiing, I could just say “Hi Galaxy” (or “Time Galaxy”) without even taking the phone out of my pocket.
What’s New in S for Switch Voice Pro v2.4.0

Core rewritten. Major stability and speed improvements! PRO only option: hide icon!
More Info in Google Play

Down File from Google Drive

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