Friday, May 20, 2016

HoraWatch v2.2 build 22 Apk Free Download

Stay connected with the energies of time, called Time Shaktis in Sanskrit, wherever you go! This appliion is a grt tool to help you get the most out of your day, and plan your days for success.
Hora Watch is a time management appliion based on Vedic Astrology Science. It displays ch Hora (hour), ruling planet, and recommended activities for any date and time. This fun and sy way to connect with the planets helps you make the most of every day. With this appliion, we put all you need in the palm of your hand.
By tapping the HORA tab, it will display the current hour and its details for that specific loion. From the current day sunrise to the next day sunrise, you can see all the Horas by sliding the page, which will come to a halt at the end. You will then have to slide back to see the previous/next hours.
Other ftures of this tab:
* The starting and ending time of that hour will be displayed.

* Hora name will be displayed on the left side of the Deity.

* Overlord’s Name will be displayed on the right side of the Deity.

* The Mantra will be written above the Deity; besides the mantra, a play button will be displayed and by clicking on that the Mantra will be chanted.

* By tapping the DETAILS tab, it will give you more details about that hour, like the best time to do or avoid any activities. It will also display information of that deity like Color, Grain, Vehicle, Flower, Stone, Metal and .

* By tapping the LIST tab, it will display the present day’s Hours from sunrise to the next day sunrise.

* By tapping I symbol, you will get more information about that hour.

* By tapping SETTINGS symbol, you can set: Notifiion, Notifiion alert timings and also the alert sound.
Sections or Tabs at the bottom
By tapping the CALENDAR, we can know the Hour details of any day well in advance; you can even see the details till the yr 2050.
* By tapping the PANCHANG, it will give information about the

* Sunrise time

* Sunset time

* Rahu Kalam (inauspicious time for important activities)

* Yama Gandam (inauspicious time for important activities)

* Gulikai (auspicious time for important activities)

* Dina Yoga

* Tithi (moon phases)

* Nakshatra (star group/constellation) information for the whole day

* Yoga (relationship between the sun and the moon) information for the whole day

* Karana (half of a Vara) information for the whole day
By tapping LOION, users can also change the loion and see Hora details of any place. However, for changing the loion, internet connection is required. Moreover, for user convenience, the last 5 city details will be stored in loion settings, which the user can check without any data connection.
This is a stand-alone appliion. While using the appliion for the first time, a data connection will be needed. Switch on the GPS satellites and the Google’s loion service to identify the current loion.
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What’s New

* A new and cool design is updated.

* Smooth scrolling to see the previous and next Horas.

* Share fture with social networks is added.

* Screen capture fture in Panchang page.

* Custom Calendar is added with in the app.

* Bugs Fixed
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