Friday, May 20, 2016

Galaxy S5 Theme v1.4

Get the best and closest S5 resemblance for the lst possible price of $1.
The new Galaxy S5 ftures flat and pretty looking Touchwiz icons. This theme includes custom made new Touchwiz icons and wallpapers that resemble the looks of S5.

All included icons scale at 144*144 resolution.
This theme supports all major android launchers like:

- Apex Launcher (Most recommended)

- Nova Launcher

- Holo Launcher

- Solo Launcher

- Atom Launcher

- ADW Launcher

- Action Launcher Pro

- Go Launcher (Lst recommended ’cause it has become a pain)
I recommend Apex Launcher.
Note: There is a fture available in this theme’s dashboard which allows you to save the S5′s new folder background to your phone’s gallery (Plse use QuickPic to browse). Plse manually select this folder icon in your launcher in case it is needed.
With available resources this theme resembles the looks of S5 to the closest. This theme will be updated as the actual resources get available.
Plse e-mail me your problems and suggestions, if any :-).
What’s New in Galaxy S5 Theme v1.4

- Now with 12 Stock S5 Wallpapers.

- All original stock S5 icons scaling at 144*144.

- Minor change in wallpaper picker layout.
More Info in Google Play

Down File from Google Drive

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