Friday, May 20, 2016

Chrome Browser – Google v34.0.1847.114

Browse fast with Chrome web browser on your phone and your android tablet . Sign In to synchronize Chrome browsing experience from your PC to carry everywhere .
Quick Srch

• Srch and navigate fast , directly from the same box . Choose from the results appr as you type.

• Faster browsing with downloading fture , scrolling and zooming page is accelerated .
Experience simple , intuitive

• Open and quickly switch between an unlimited of tabs . On your phone , flip through tabs the way you sprd deck . On the tablet , swipe from one scene to another to switch tabs .
Sign In

• Log on Chrome web browser to synchronize open tabs , bookmarks and address bar data from your computer to your phone or your tablet . Choosing the right where you left off .

• Send pages from Chrome on Chrome on your computer to your phone or tablet with a click and rd them on the go , even when you are offline .

• Private browsing in Incognito mode .
What’s New in Chrome Browser – Google v34.0.1847.114

• Stability and security updates
More Info in Google Play

Down File from Google Drive

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