Friday, May 20, 2016

Aedict3 Japanese Dictionary v3.4.8

An off-line english japanese dictionary which uses Jim Breen’s JMDict (upgraded EDict)/KanjiDic2/WWWJDIC data along with data from the Tatoeba project. Does not require japanese board. Internet access is used only to download the dictionary – the appliion itself works offline.

- allows kanji srching by parts/radicals, SKIP srch and by kanji drawing

- omnibar allows srch by kana, romaji and/or english, german, french, Russian, Dutch, Portugalese, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovene, Swedish. Deinflects verbs automatically.

- optionally shows romaji instd of hiragana/katakana.

- supports Hep, Nihon-Shiki and Kunrei-Shiki

- JLPT/Joyo Quizes

- You can store entries in a notepad and practice with notepad quiz.

- Shows stroke order kanji diagrams (courtesy of KanjiVG), allows JNLP/Joyo Quiz kanji draw practice

- multi-window support, Japanese Names Dictionary support, shows verb conjugations

- Dropbox integration

- Japanese font for proper character display
UPDATE NOTE: When updating Aedict, plse also update all dictionaries, to gain access to the new ftures.
Aedict 3 needs to download the dictionaries which is cca 200mb download – plse make sure that you are connected to the WIFI to avoid additional charges. Aedict 3 cannot use dictionaries used by Aedict 2.
Aedict 3 is based on Aedict 2.9 but introduces new Android 4 GUI. Aedict 3 works on Android 2.1 and grter.
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What’s New in Aedict3 Japanese Dictionary v3.4.8

Added support for deleting old backups.

Fixed SDCard detection aorithm which caused Aedict to fail to download the dictionaries.

Fixed crash when rotating screen on some .
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